Art & Design

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The most common question we are asked by pupils is “I love art, but what jobs can I do?” Studying Art and Design opens up a world of opportunities and experiences that will help you fulfill your amibitions whether in the creative industries or in other fields. We know that employers look for creative thinkers, so having a qualification in Art and Design is the best way to show you have more to offer. 

Our department is staffed by experts with a wealth of experience and with specialisms across the disciplines.  We are committed to providing pupils with a first class course that fully prepares them for the rigors of GCSE and beyond  Our pupils are confident artists and we consistently achieve excellence.



Art & Design Qualification: GCSE
Examination Board: OCR
Specification Code: J171

































































































































































































































































Topics Covered

We cover subject areas that will provide you with the best possible opportunity to develop your creative thinking skills and progress into a career in the creative industries should you wish to.  

You will have the opportunity to explore a number of exciting themes in a range of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, digital media, photography and 3-D sculpture.


  • 60% Coursework portfolio  
    You will complete a practical project and select your strongest work to submit as your coursework portfolio.
  • 40% Set task: You will be given a set task paper 6-8 weeks in advance of your 10 hr practical exam, this will allow you to fully prepare and enter the exam with confidence.

Course Progression

Having pursued GCSE Art at Swanshurst, we have seen many of our  students go on to study the subject at A Level and degree level, with many then securing employment in the creative industries. 

To have the ability to think creatively in an increasingly visual world, is a highly desirable skill prized by universities and employers.

Career Opportunities

Pursuing an education in Art & Design can lead to employment in the creative industries, a sector growing faster than any other in the UK. 

Jobs include: architect, photographer, make up artist, fashion and accessories designer, interior designer, theatre designer, graphic designer, textile designer, production designer for film and television, games and app designer, website designer, jewellery 
designer, fine art, art historian, curator, art therapist.