Combined Science


AQA Combined Science trilogy identifies the activities and experiences students will come across in everyday life, and links these to scientific ideas and their   implications for society. 

It provides the opportunity to acquire the scientific skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for life and helps them answer questions about the world around them.  


Also it will help them develop their ability to evaluate claims based on science through critical analysis of the methodology, evidence and conclusions, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Most students will follow this course.



Qualification: GCSE
Examination Board: AQA 2016
Specification Code: 8464


Topics Covered

The course looks at the following subject areas:

  • Human biology and the natural environment. 
  • Carbon chemistry and the raw materials we use from the earth.
  • The use of energy in the home and where we will generate our energy in the future.


  • There are six written assessments, each 1 hour 15 minutes long; two for biology, two for chemistry and two for physics.
  • There are also two tiers, foundation and higher.
  • All papers are equally weighted.

Please note that there is no longer any coursework element in the new GCSE subject.


Course Progression

This is a two year course  and allows you to progress to Post 16 courses such as A Levels in biology, chemistry, physics and psychology in 

Swanshurst Sixth Form. To follow one or more of these courses you must achieve a grade 5 . 

An alternative route is to choose to do the Level 3 BTEC applied science course here at Swanshurst Sixth Form.


Career Opportunities

There are a host of careers in science including; 


Science Teaching, Toxicology, Pharmacologist, Epidemiology, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, Clinical Trials, Medical Sales, Patent Work, Environmental Health, Doctor/Nursing, Medical Therapies, Engineering, Research & Development, Forensic Science, Nuclear Power.