Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at Swanshurst School actively sets out to develop learners into citizens of the twenty first century who will embody the values we hold dear. It will be broad, balanced and exciting and offer the wide range of subjects that only a large school can. This in turn will allow them to develop skills and acquire knowledge to prepare them for whatever their future holds. They will be aspirational, resilient, reflective, creative and independent. Swanshurst school community reflects the large thriving city we live in and as such, prides itself on its diversity. Our curriculum will challenge young people to achieve and progress to undreamt futures, as living proof of the equality of opportunity that underpins everything we do.

We fulfil the statutory requirements placed on any state comprehensive school, but the curriculum design and sequencing ensures that our disadvantaged students and those with SEND are at the forefront of our considerations. Pupils experience an extensive range of academic, creative, technical and vocational subjects to GCSE and A Level standards, taught by highly qualified specialists. Additionally, we have an extensive wider curriculum that encompasses personal, social, health and economic wellbeing, together with religious education and citizenship. It is no accident that we have confident communicators who are kind and respectful.

After a foundation two years of broad study, which aims to develop in our students the Swanshurst way, a love of learning and highly developed reading skills, they begin the process of selecting their pathways. Pupils are guided and supported to follow pathways that are tailor made to their needs, abilities and talents. All students at Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to follow the English Baccalaureate which a significant majority do. In addition, they can and do choose from a full range of technological, creative, practical and vocational subjects.

At the end of Key Stage 4, students specialise by selecting the subjects required for their career pathways, that they are passionate about and enjoy the most. Our post-16 curriculum offers a breadth of A Level and Applied courses allowing access to any university (including Oxbridge and Russell Group universities).

We provide extensive careers guidance built into the core of the curriculum. Our students are prepared to make the right choices at every stage of their education and into the world of work. We focus on employability skills and ensure that the students are introduced to positive, relatable role models and have access to the full range of career opportunities.

At Swanshurst, education is much more than just ensuring academic success. Our students are equipped as future leaders, risk takers, ambitious and resilient learners, ready to face the challenges ahead.

Curriculum Overview by Year Group