At Swanshurst, we offer a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum. Students study a wide range of subjects which allows them to develop skills and acquire knowledge to prepare them for whatever their future holds.  We believe in equality of opportunity for all and this underpins everything we do.

Of course, we fulfil the statutory requirements placed on any state comprehensive school, but as a large school, we are able to offer a more extensive range of academic, creative and vocational subjects at GCSE and A Level standards, all taught by highly qualified specialists. Additionally, we have an extensive, integrated programme that encompasses personal, social, health and economic wellbeing, together with religious education and citizenship.

After a foundation two years of broad study, our students begin the process of selecting their pathways and are guided and supported to follow pathways that are tailor made to their needs, abilities and talents.

All students at Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to follow the English Baccalaureate and in addition they can choose from a full range of technological, creative, practical and vocational subjects.

At the end of Key Stage 4, students specialise by selecting the subjects required for their career pathways and that they are passionate about and enjoy the most. Our post-16 curriculum includes all facilitating subjects recommended by Russell Group universities and a breadth of other A Level and Applied courses, some of which include work placements.

We provide extensive careers guidance so that our students are prepared to make the right choices at every stage of their education and into the world of work.  We focus on employability skills and ensure that the students are introduced to positive female role models and have access to the full range of career opportunities.

At Swanshurst, education is much more than just ensuring academic success. Our students are all equipped as future leaders, resilient and independent and ready to face the challenges ahead.