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Fashion & Textiles

Are you imaginative, creative and innovative? Do you enjoy making things and solving problems? If so, Design & Technology is the subject for you!

During the course you will complete a series of short design and make projects.

There will be a skills project (where you develop sewing skills for garment making), a children’s dress project with a recycling theme, a materials based project where you will develop your understanding of other  materials to fabric.

Your GCSE Design & Technology in Year 11 will be based on a design brief set by the exam board and will focus on a material area of fabric.



Qualification: GCSE
Examination Board: Eduqas
Specification Code: 603/1121/6

Download the complete Pathways booklet:

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Topics Covered

During the course you will learn about a range of creative and technical skills across a broad range of disciplines; including fabrics, metals, woods, modern materials, plastics and electronics.

Your main focus throughout the three years will be fabrics. You will learn how to manipulate fabrics to create exciting fashion and 
interior products, accessories and much more. 

The theory will cover all material areas (not just fabric), their uses and application, and the science and maths behind design (engineering link).



Component 1: Exam - 2 hours

Component 2: Design & Make task (coursework) - 35 hours

Course Progression

Achieving a GCSE in Design & Technology will allow you to progress to level 3 courses such as Product Design A level. This course is up and running at our Sixth Form.

Future Careers: BA/MA courses in product, engineering, architecture, furniture, interior design.

Career Opportunities

There are many careers related to design and technology. They range from architecture, product design, engineering, furniture design to manufacturing and teaching, fashion design.