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Ever wondered why we can’t all have everything we want or why we can’t just print money?  Are you interested in finding out about how the government manages the economy and how the UK might be affected when it leaves the EU?  

Do you want to know how you and businesses are affected by inflation, exchange rates and recession?

How is Brexit likely to affect our country? Take economics and you will discover the answers to these questions and more.

Please note that It helps to be good at maths and you should enjoy drawing and interpreting diagrams if you take this subject.


Qualification: GCSE
Examination Board: OCR
Specification Code: J205



Topics Covered

In this course, students will find out about the principle of scarcity and how the economy works to determine how resources are allocated and prices determined.  

They will also learn about production, costs, revenue and profit and about different types of market and why sometimes markets need to be helped to work effectively by the government.  

They will also learn about international trade and the global economy and the role of money and the financial economy.


There will be 2  written examination papers: 

  • Component 1: Introduction to Economics
  • Component 2: National and International Economics 

Each paper accounts for 50% of the qualification and both include multiple choice questions, a range of calculations and short and extended responses. There will be regular tests every half term, so that we may check your  progress.

Course Progression

Students who succeed on this course may progress on to A Level courses in Economics or Business or at Swanshurst Sixth Form.

Students may continue to University to study economics, business, law, marketing and human resources and finance and a variety of other business related courses.


Career Opportunities

This course will help prepare for careers in  Economic management, public planning, banking, business management, finance and 
accounting  and other business related careers.