English Literature

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English Language is an exciting and thought-provoking course for all GCSE pupils. Pupils find our course valuable and intellectually stimulating; it is a good balance between learning about more traditional texts, non-fiction texts and modern approaches to English. 

There are also speaking and listening opportunities, allowing pupils to create characters and get involved in some very lively debates!  


Qualification: GCSE
Examination Board: AQA
Specification Code: 8700


Topics Covered

The subject has two main components: reading and writing. These skills are demonstrated through two examinations (100%). Spoken Language is assessed and a separate grade for this element will appear on the GCSE English Language Certificate.

Pupils have the opportunity to be both creative, analytical and reflective through English Language.



Explorations in Creative Reading & Writing – 50% 
(External examination consisting of one paper)

Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives – 50% 
(External examination consisting of one paper)

Course Progression

The course is an excellent springboard for post-16 education in arts-based subjects. Many of the skills used in English Language are fundamental to functional skills needed beyond the classroom. 

There is a clear link to this and A level English Language and Literature 

Career Opportunities

The English Language course suits any career progression in a whole range of professions including teaching, journalism, media, law and the arts. 

Because of the transferable skills associated with the course, a good grade in English Language is desirable to any employer.