Examination Support Packages – March 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

Re. Examination Support Packages – March 2022

We are writing to let you know of the comprehensive package given to your daughter to support her preparation for her examinations this summer.

Exam Board Support

Exam boards have published amendments to the content being assessed in the exams this summer. The changes made by boards and subjects vary. Therefore, to make it easy to see what changes have been made, and crucially on what your daughter must now focus her revision, we have prepared a document containing all necessary exam board releases. Your daughter will also have had these amendments explained by her subject teacher.

Final Countdown Package

Each subject has prepared a minimum of a 10 week countdown package of revision activities to support your daughter in preparing for her examinations. These have all now begun. Each countdown, along with the required resources, can be found on Microsoft Teams (Y11 Resources/Y13 Resources). There are also videos for each subject explaining how to tackle revision and use the resources provided, effectively.

Revision Walls

Each department has prepared a space in their department area where pupils can easily access vital information regarding revision and collect key resources. These resources will feed in to activities in their Final Countdown.

Model Answers

Within the resources folders on Teams, you will also find a series of model answers to support your daughter in gaining as many marks as possible in her summer exams. There are also videos showing how to tackle questions and the process to follow to gain those all-important marks.

Redesigned Lessons

Following the mock exams (Pre Public Examinations - PPEs) in December/January, teachers have revisited their curriculum and lessons to ensure that identified areas of weakness are addressed in upcoming lessons. In addition, all students completed a set of ‘Next Step’ activities after their PPEs, to which teachers will refer and consider when planning lessons and final supporting assessments.

March PPEs

During the week of the 14th March, students will sit a PPE in each subject. This will be their final chance to attempt exam-style questions and receive vital feedback from their teachers. Exams will take place in classrooms and be shorter than the exams this summer – this is to ensure a targeted approach to question setting and feedback. Students will the receive a final, detailed set of personalised next step activities.

We understand this can be a stressful time for students and families. The link below has information on how to support your daughter at this crucial time, along with links to key revision resources: https://www.swanshurst.org/revision-support/1635.html.

In addition, you will find the exam board support material and a short video showing you examples of some of the strategies listed above.

We firmly believe that engagement with these strategies, along with support from staff and families, will ensure that your daughter meets her potential this summer. We very much look forward to celebrating her success in August.

Yours sincerely

 Mrs R Bennett                Mrs L Else                          Mr M Dunn

Assistant Headteacher   Deputy Headteacher         Headteacher


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