Home Learning

In KS3 some subjects will set weekly homework while others will set longer Home Learning Projects, or HLPs, which cover a number of weeks. HLPs are a good way for students to begin to develop self-management and organisational skills and work to longer deadlines and, while teachers will remind students when tasks should be done by and when deadlines are approaching, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the work by the deadline set and manage their workload. The school library is an excellent place to go to for support with HLPs or homework in general.

Students should spend between 30 and 45 minutes on each subject in Year 7 and 30 minutes to one hour by the time they reach Year 9. The timings suggested for Year 7 and 8 add up to slightly less than the overall expected time to allow for students spending longer on a given subject.

In KS4 the duration of homework and time given for its completion will be guided by subject demands. Students are expected to complete additional reading and independent study for all subjects; the school library is an excellent resource for this.

All homework set is available for students to view on Firefly and on the Firefly student planner app. Many subjects also provide additional support and resources on Firefly.