Important Information for Parents and Carers - Parking

Dear Parents and Carers

After an excellent start to the new school year at Swanshurst, we write today with a request regarding parking along the surrounding roads at the end of the school day when pupils who travel by car are collected.

The parking around the main school entrance extending along Wheelers Lane is causing a significant challenge. The first is the health and safety of our pupils. Girls are often having to walk along footpaths navigating multiple parked cars near busy junctions which almost entirely block the footpath. We are sure you will agree that this is not acceptable as pupils’ safety is our highest priority. The second challenge is that of disruption to local residents as driveways become blocked and access roads impassable.

After receiving multiple complaints from pupils and members of the public about unsafe and illegal parking at the end of the school day, we have made contact with Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police. The relevant teams have confirmed that a ticketing operation is going to be conducted in the near future where such parking will incur a fixed penalty notice.

We write here to ask all parents, carers and/or family members collecting pupils at the end of the day to park legally, safely and considerately to improve the situation.

We also ask anyone witnessing parking/ driving that is of concern, to send in evidence to West Midlands Police or to so it can be passed on to the relevant authorities.

It is important we work together to ensure pick-up of pupils at the end of the school day is a safe process, where Swanshurst pupils and families uphold our values in the community as we do in school.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Dunn



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