Lunchtime Arrangements

Lunchtime is a chance for students to socialise, to meet new friends and to try new experiences. It should be used productively and to support this there are a large number of lunchtime clubs and classes including study support in the library. More information about this can be found on the school website or from form tutors.

Eating at Lunchtime

We are part of the Healthy Schools network, and all of our food at lunchtime complies with national standards. There are always fresh vegetables and salads to accompany main dishes, and the menu over a fortnightly period ensures a really balanced and healthy range of dishes.

Because we are a really large school, there are inevitably queues at lunchtime. The kitchen ensures that fresh food is brought out at different times during lunch, so that students can choose to have their playtime/social time first and then join the queues later on, providing this is before 1:30pm.

Great tasting food that your children will love

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Arrangements for Lunchtime

During Covid-19 Restrictions

All students will have half an hour lunchtimes and access to warm and cold food.