Messages from Previous Students

Messages from our 2021 cohort


"Coming to Swanshurst Sixth Form from a completely different school; I was terrified! Sixth form is without a doubt different to secondary school. The amount of independence and choice you are given can be overwhelming. Whereas on the other hand the amount of pastoral support that is given is phenomenal (you are made to feel welcome even before you’ve started at the sixth form!), if you build up the courage to ask for support when needed it isn’t going to be denied or overlooked. In fact, it is at a much higher standard than I’ve previously experienced or even expected. It has been both a refreshing, yet demanding experience. It is always reassuring to know that someone has your back - so keep positive relationships with your teachers as well as your pastoral staff . 

To all the new people - feeling scared and anxious about coming to a place where you do not know anyone and where it seems that everyone already has friendship groups from previous years is normal. But this is not the case! You will find your type of people - the right people are always welcoming and willing to accept new friendships."

Zikra Hussain, Year 12  

"The main reason why I chose to stay at Swanshurst Sixth Form was because of the huge amount of support offered at Swanshurst. As an internal student, I wanted to ensure that I would get any help needed from teachers to assist me in progressing forward in my education, which is always given here! I also love the friendly environment created by both my peers and teachers and this never goes."

Momina Baig, Year 12

"Being at Swanshurst Sixth form has provided me with many opportunities, especially during the pandemic, and have been really supportive and caring. All the staff are supportive, friendly and support an individual to be the best they can, whether it is in lessons or outside of lessons by giving the student every possibility to succeed and get into a career that they are passionate about. Swanshurst Sixth Form is not just any other sixth form but a sixth form that is 100% dedicated to the needs of the students.

I am not only saying this because I am a student at Swanshurst Sixth Form! I have spoken to students from other colleges and sixth forms and seen the support that they provide – these students just wish that they had joined Swanshurst Sixth Form."

Khole Mahfoodh, Year 13

"All throughout secondary school and sixth form, Swanshurst really helped me to achieve my goals and encouraged me to strive for the best. I really enjoyed studying at Swanshurst not only because of the quality of teaching and learning and the endless opportunities given, but also because of the fantastic support network provided. I became the best version of myself at Swanshurst and left there feeling determined to take on the next chapter of my life at Oxford University to study Medicine.

The skills I gained from studying at Swanshurst School & Sixth Form set up my foundation to studying at University and I am grateful to everyone for that. If you are considering coming to Swanshurst Sixth Form, please do! You will be well supported with your education and also with the UCAS application process - if you are considering applying to university. There is also a fantastic support system for those who want to follow an apprenticeship."

Iza Basharat, Oxford University