Key Stage 4 Pathways Booklet

Welcome to Your Pathways Booklet.

This has been a very unusual year and we have to find new ways to support you in making your subject choices this year. This booklet is the starting point of the process.

The first pages are the core subjects. You have to do these. So, English Language, English Literature, mathematics and science are compulsory GCSEs. You will also continue to study IT, RS, PE and PSHE. After these core subjects you can choose  subjects as laid out on the pathways form. There are guidelines on the form to help you fill it in. 

There are a group of subjects which together form the English Baccalaureate that you may want to consider. They provide a strong foundation for any future course of study. The EBACC is English, mathematics, 2 sciences, a language and geography or history. 

The decisions you make may have significant implications for your future. We will support you by ensuring your teachers talk to you about why their subjects may be useful to you . You have already had some careers information through your PSHE curriculum. There is a pathways section on our website so you and your parents can find out more. There will also be an opportunity to talk to teachers through an online parents evening.

Take time to talk to your parents and teachers before you make your final decision. In the end you should choose subjects that you enjoy and can succeed in. Remember you can always ask for help and guidance. 

Good Luck!

Download the complete Pathways booklet: