Physical Education

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Struggling to decide which pathway you want to follow? Need some  advice on whether to take Physical Education or not?

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Qualification: GCSE
Examination Board: Edexcel
Specification Code: 1PEO

Topics Covered

Component 1 
(1PEO/01): Fitness and body systems 

Component 2 
(1PEO/02): Health and performance

Component 3 
(1PEO/03): Practical performance

Component 4 
(1PEO/04): Personal exercise programme


Component 1 (80 Marks) Worth 36%: 1 hour 30 minutes

Component 2 (60 Marks) Worth 24%: 1 hour 15 minutes

Component 3 (105 Marks) Worth 30% (Moderated)

Component 4 (20 Marks) Worth 10% (Moderated)

Course Progression

The completion of this course leads itself to further education courses such as A level Physical Education or BTEC Technical Courses..

Career Opportunities

  • Armed services (army, navy, air force)
  • Public services (police, fire, paramedics)
  • Medical profession (medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, chiropody, chiropractic, podiatry)
  • Dental profession (Dentist, Orthodontist)
  • Psychologist
  • Health & fitness industry
  • PE teaching
  • Specialist sports coaching