Punctuality at Swanshurst

Dear Parent and Carer

Punctuality at Swanshurst

At Swanshurst we believe part of our role is to prepare your child for the wider world. There is a clear link between attending school on time, every day and making academic progress.

We regularly celebrate and reward pupils who have excellent attendance and punctuality through our assemblies and tutorial programme. Whilst the overwhelming majority of pupils are on time every day, some are late for school. Every time a pupil arrives late to school they are missing valuable learning opportunities. To uphold the highest levels of punctuality, pupils who do not arrive school on time for their first lesson at 8.40am will be logged and placed in detention.

Our detention system works as follows:

  • Late once in the week – 10-minute detention on the same night
  • Late twice in a week – 30 minutes detention on the same night
  • Late three times or more in the week – 1-hour detention on the same night

Please get in touch with your daughter’s form tutor if your child is late for school so we can support you in getting your child to school on time.

Yours sincerely

Mr I Griffiths                       Mr M Dunn

Deputy Headteacher         Headteacher


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