Religious Studies

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Religious Studies is truly a subject for the 21st Century. It deals with contemporary issues which affect our lives today. From attitudes to drugs and alcohol, the relevance of marriage today to euthanasia and assisted suicide, if you are interested in current issues then this is the course for you!

Added to this Religious Studies at Swanshurst School is consistently one of the top attaining GCSE’s and is also one of the top subjects to ‘add value’. 

If you are committed and want to get good grades, we will help you achieve your full potential. 





Qualification: GCSE
Examination Board: AQA
Specification Code: 8062




Topics Covered

Students study two world religions, Islam and Christianity. In Year 10 focusing beliefs, teachings and practices of both religions.

In Year 11 moving onto ‘Thematic Studies’ which students apply their understanding to various contemporary issues e.g. abortion, marriage, human rights and social justice.

Students gain an in depth understanding of the two religions and their place in life in the 21st Century.


Students will sit 2 examination papers.

  • Paper 1: Study of Religions: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Paper 2: Thematic Studies: 1 hour 45 minutes 

A variety of styles are used within the course. There is an opportunity for class discussion and debate, as well as written work and comprehension. 

Course Progression

This GCSE links directly with A Level religious studies (philosophy, religion and ethics), which is a fantastic course in which students look at philosophical arguments for the existence of God as well as looking at Islam in more detail. 

Due to GCSE RS looking at a variety of topics it also links in well with a range of courses - marriage and the family - health and social care, childcare. Matters of life and death/medical issues - biology, health and social care.

Crime and punishment/rights and responsibilities - law, sociology. environmental issues– geography, biology, travel and tourism. 

Career Opportunities

GCSE Religious Studies is concerned with contemporary issues that affect the world in which we live now.

This course will enhance and support you progress into a number of areas which include: social services, health care, teaching, broadcasting, journalism, law, management and civil service, any career where you work with people.