Student Leadership

Welcome to the student leadership area of our website. At Swanshurst, we believe that student leadership is one of the central strands of success. Through collaboration with staff, governors, parents and the local community, we can take an active role in shaping the student experience – both inside and outside of the classroom.

The student leaders at Swanshurst are led by the Head Student and Deputy Head Student from Year 12. Along with the Student Leadership Coordinator and SLT, they will run the 6 school council meetings that will take place throughout the course of the year. In attendance at these council meetings will also ambassadors representing all year groups throughout the school and sixth form following meetings of their year council.

During the School Council meetings, items relating to “Teaching and Learning”, “Community and Pastoral” and “Enrichment and Environment” along with other issues will be discussed and actioned. Finally, the school council decisions will be fed back to their year group in termly assemblies led by the ambassadors.

Student Leadership Roles

All of these student leaders are democratically elected by the Swanshurst community – both staff and students. We also have 70-80 prefects selected from Year 10 who will carry out duties around the school and support subjects and lower school forms. We will use this website to update you about the progress that we are making and the projects that each committee is working on.

School Council

Head Students

Hana Arzoo



Head Student Head Student

Year 7 Form Reps

Umm.jpg Aalimah.jpg Safa1.jpg Kalsuma.jpg
Umm Aalimah Safa Kalsuma
Sahibah.jpg Inayaah.jpg Zahra.jpg Waleeha.jpg
Sahibah Inayah Zahra Waleeha
Sophie.jpg Mahira.jpg Ladi.jpg Roanne.jpg
Sophie Mariah Ladi Roanne
Humera.jpg Emelia.jpg Caitlin.jpg Alaiyna.jpg
Humera Emelia Caitllin Alaiyna
Amelia.jpg Mahira.jpg Inayah.jpg Imaan.jpg
Amelia Mahira Inayahah Imaan
Rumaysah.jpg Emily.jpg    
Rumaysah Emily    



Year 8 Form Reps

Safa.jpg Mahek.jpg 092392.jpg Casey.jpg
Safa Mahek Miski Casey
Amna.jpg Huda.jpg Razanne.jpg Annabel.jpg
Amna Huda Razanne Annabel
Maryam.jpg Romeesa.jpg Malaika.jpg Haleema.jpg
Maryam Romeesa Malaika Haleema
Shauna.jpg Zara.jpg Shaza.jpg Hira.jpg
Shauna Zara Shaza Hira
Liya.jpg Ayesha.jpg Anisah.jpg Dania.jpg
Liya Ayesha Anisah Dania



Year 9 Form Reps

Samia.jpg Hafsa.jpg Mehek.jpg Naila.jpg
Samia Hafsa Mahek Naila
Zaynah.jpg Haleema.jpg Amml.jpg Sumaya.jpg
Zaynah Haleema Amml Sumaya
Ramla.jpg Sarah.jpg Asiya.jpg Ambreen.jpg
Ramla Sara Asiya Ambreen
Markeyliea.jpg Nashe.jpg Mareha.jpg Aisha.jpg
Markeliea Nashe Mareha Aisha
Maryam.jpg Eva.jpg Shaheen.jpg Anayah.jpg
Maryam Eva Shaheen Anayah





Year 10 Form Reps

Yakine.jpg Esha.jpg Sakeena.jpg Safah.jpg
Yakine Esha Sakeena Safah
091716.jpg Kiki.jpg 091676.jpg 091680.jpg
Hadiya Kiki Sharon Skye
Hafsa.jpg Sarah.jpg 091662.jpg Amarra.jpg
Hafsa Hanfa Mahnoor Amarra
Sunduss.jpg Mahek1.jpg Haleema1.jpg Manahil.jpg
Sunduss Mahek Haleema Manahil
Alisha.jpg Ellady.jpg Mariyam.jpg Millie-Jo.jpg
Alisha Ellady Mariyam Millie-Jo
Aishah.jpg Georgia.jpg Lilli-Lee.jpg  
Aishah Georgia Lilli  



Year 11 Form Reps

Simran.jpg 091095.JPG Hafsah.jpg Noor-Ul-Ain.jpg
Simran Isobella Hafsah Noor
Hajra.jpg Shama.jpg Daniella.jpg Savannah.jpg
Hajra Shama Daniella Savannah
Momina.jpg Praise.jpg Faith.jpg Sakina.jpg
Momina Praise Faith Sakina
091098.JPG Adna.jpg Sidra.jpg Maariyah.jpg
Pheobe Adna Sidra Maaryiah
Aliha.jpg Saffa.jpg 091198.JPG Amyma.jpg
Aliha Saffa Masuma Amyma
Rumaysa.jpg Uzma.jpg    
Rumaysa Uzma    

Year 12 Form Reps

Dilan.jpg Khole.jpg
Dilan Khole