Tips for Parents

1. Check on a Friday evening what homework needs to be done over the weekend.

2. Use incentives to encourage early completion. A morning homework leaves time for going out with friends or family in the afternoon to the cinema etc. Homework done straight after school leaves time for favourite TV programmes.

3. Be prepared to help with organisation and getting started. Talk through the homework and you can help them break it into small manageable chunks.

4. Create the right environment and avoid distractions.Sitting at a desk or table will help as it is more like school. A quiet environment is better with no electronic distractions.

5. Ensure your child has all the equipment they need. If they have all the things they need at the start such as paper, the correct pencils etc. then there should be no need to stop half way through to find something. This helps to maintain concentration and momentum.

6. This is not always possible with busy people who have lots of clubs and activities, but it will help build a routine.

7. Keep in Touch. Check the marks/levels your children are receiving for their homework. This more than anything tells you if the effort being put in is enough in terms of both quantity and quality.