Wider Curriculum

Please open and read the letter below. Students will need permission from parents/carers to go to after school clubs. Please complete the form at the end of the letter for the relevant clubs.

"The Wider Curriculum at Swanshurst school will offer a ‘Swanshurst Pledge’ –
that students will leave with a wide breadth of the enriching experiences
and powerful knowledge that they will need in the future.

These enriching experiences will be fun and engaging for all students who will be
encouraged,supported and praised through the wider curriculum. This will allow students
to address gaps in knowledge and to make deep connections within their curriculum."


At Swanshurst School we are currently working to increase opportunity and availability of Extra curricular activities to our students as part of our Wider Curriculum. As our curriculum intent states, we want these to be available to all students in our community, so please keep checking back to see what we have on offer. Our current offer is below, starting with PE:

pe clubs.png








Sixth formers welcome.

With a variety of clubs and numerous sporting activities such as football, netball, hockey and trampolining, there are plenty of opportunities for students to broaden their experiences and display and develop their talents.

Athletics Squad New.jpgAthletics
Year 9 Netball New.jpgNetball
Football New.jpgFootball

Lessons don’t stop when pupils leave the classroom. As a school we pledge that students are entitled to extend learning opportunities which include extra-curricular activities and access to a wide variety of trips and visits. And a variety of other clubs is also currently available, from Music and Science, to Drama and Orchestra.

After school clubs (all clubs begin at 3:15pm)
after school.png

Lunchtime opportunities

Pop choir
Pop Choir

Thanks for taking a look at our Wider Curriculum Opportunities. We hope to see you at the clubs soon!

Note to parents: if you have a skill or talent and would be willing to run an after school club, contact noliver@swanshurst.org. Thank you.